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Larry Goldstein's Experience and Lessons

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I turn business owners into SUCCESSFUL business sellers!


Have you given selling your company any thought?  Do you know how much your company is worth?

I'm looking forward to collaborating with you to organize the sale of your business or growth through acquisition. You will be able to start implementing your exit strategy by using a proprietary valuation process to establish the market value of your company.

I am a business broker with First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas. I built and successfully sold my own company, giving me a unique perspective on how the process of purchasing and selling a business actually works.

I launched my own company in 2011 by acquiring the franchise of Rapid Refill of Las Vegas, which offered services for printer maintenance and replenishment.  The business was rebranded as Vegas Ink and Toner in 2014 after I left the franchise, selling in 2016. 

I wrote Make Me An Offer: A Guidebook for Small Business Buyers and Sellers, where I share some of the business principles I've learned over the course of my career with the help of my clients. https://www.amazon.com/-/he/Larry-Goldstein/dp/0578668963

I look forward to learning about your business and helping you determine a successful path to selling it.    


Featured Articles

How to Make Your Small Business SBA-Loan Ready

When selling a small business, securing financing is often one of the biggest challenges for potential buyers.

Don't Scare Away Buyers: Keep Your P&L Business Only

When selling a business, one of the most important financial documents you will need to provide potential buyers is a profit and loss (P&L) statement.

Passing the Torch: Rewarding Loyalty by Selling to Your Key Employees

Selling your business to employees can allow for continuity, inspire workers, and reward loyalty. However, employee buyouts have challenges, especially around financing.

Overpricing Your Business Can Hurt Your Chances of Selling

Pricing a business too high can deter buyers, miss the market, and appear desperate. It can also lead to losing negotiating power, letting competition enter, and wasting time and money.

How to Find a Buyer for a Money Losing Business

Selling a money losing business can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Many businesses have hidden value that can make them appealing to buyers.

Why Proof of Funds is Crucial in Buying a Business: Understanding the Seller's Perspective

Proof of funds is an essential requirement set by business sellers when dealing with prospective buyers. By demanding proof of funds, business sellers can verify a buyer's financial capacity, protect against fraud, facilitate negotiations, speed up the sales process, and increase confidence and trust in the transaction.

A Bad Lease Can Kill the Sale of a Business

Does a lease impact the value of a business? The answer is a resounding Yes.

Valuation of a Business

SDE is the primary measure of small business profitability. Also known as adjusted cash flow or recast earnings

Can You Afford to Sell Your Business?

Let’s explore a few pros and cons of selling your business, as well as key questions to ask yourself before you make the decision.

How Much Should a Small Business Owner Pay Themselves

Many business owners overlook paying themselves

How to Finance the Purchase of a Business

Many entrepreneurs are surprised to learn only about 50% of all startup businesses make it past their 5th birthday.

Using Financial Ratios to Increase the Value of Your Business

If you're an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to know how your company is performing for several reasons

Which Types of Businesses Fail?

There are some businesses that appear almost doomed to fail from the beginning

How to Determine a Reasonable Price for Your Business

Getting an accurate understanding of the value of your business is a critical step that could help determine your next move

Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

Considering the hectic schedule of most small business owners, it’s not surprising that the vast majority don’t prioritize disaster preparedness. That’s primarily because most businesses think that an adverse weather event or a cyber breach are things that only happen to others. But as we have learned, they can affect anyone, and disaster preparedness is key to managing those challenges.

Should You Buy a Business or Start a Business?

Purchasing an existing business provides a customer base, vendor relationships, operational procedures, and trained employees.

HVAC, Landscaping and other businesses are in demand

As the coronavirus pandemic recedes, future growth is expected in the residential and commercial service industry. HVAC, Landscaping, plumbing and other commercial service businesses are a great investment opportunity. Now is a great time for businesses to invest in these booming industries.

The Best Way to Form Your Business in Nevada

Thorough research of legal structures for business startups should be conducted before launching your first business startup. Because your business foundation is one of the vital parts of future success, learning the different business structures will help you make a wise decision.

Step by Step Guide to Forming a Business in Nevada

Starting a business in Nevada isn't hard once you know what forms you need and how to fill them out. If you're like most, the thought of starting your own business can be overwhelming. It's not just about having an idea; it's also about researching the legal requirements for setting up your company. Let me help you through the steps inside of this guide. You'll learn everything from choosing a name to registering with government agencies. With this information, there won't be anything standing between you and success!

Don't Be Fooled by a Business Seller's Claims

Are you contemplating buying a small business to become a small business owner? Or are you looking to add another company to the one you already have? If so, you’ll need to understand what due diligence is and how it affects your decision to buy.